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A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (more)


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CBERDís mission is to conduct collaborative research focused on delivering technology solutions that enable widespread commercialization of biofuels and bi-products and to assist government and industry in achieving the National priority goal of augmenting our petroleum-based economy with renewable energy, chemicals and biomaterials.




CBERDís vision is to be a vibrant research community and a lead contributor of science and technology to meet the nationís bioenergy goals achieved through forward thinking goals, excellence in collaborative research, best in class researchers, active participation from industrial partners, an environment of innovation and cooperation, and technology transfer.



Structure and Operation


CBERD holds two Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meetings each year with sponsor industries that guide research in their areas of need.  All sponsoring industries are members of the IAB.  Research projects involve members of the faculty of each participating university, and graduate students at the masters and doctoral level.  Collaborative research is leveraged through the I/UCRC concept which has witnessed long standing success with companies and industries throughout the world.  CBERD is supported by the National Science Foundation, NSF, and member industries.  NSF evaluators monitor all center activities and regularly attend the IAB meetings.

Strategic Plan


Our strategic plan is centered on focus areas of research and how those focus areas align with the needs of the nation and global marketplace.  We have developed and are continuously updating a roadmap of where we are and where we would like to be in one, two and five year increments.  Our research covers primarily study in novel bioprocessing techniques and systems and improvement to conventional bioprocessing techniques and systems that provide usable bioenergy products in the pre-competitive arena for our sponsor affiliates.   For more information, please contact the site directors or the Executive Director listed on our contact page (link in header).










The coordinating site for this multi-university center is located at North Carolina State University